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SMAP is ever green.  

SMAP is Japanese idol.  It have 5 members. All member are over middle 30 age now.  However they are still cool. The have a lot of fan. They are hero.

Today, SMAP appeared on TV show. SMAP did secret overnight trip at only 5 members.
On Karaoke, SMAP sang thyself song. With alcohol drink. They song is evergreen. They song is touching my heart. Dear old song, new song. All evergreen. ever gold.
Leader of Smap, Masahiro Nakai. He was crying, too. "This song kill me..." It's song's name is "BEST FRIEND". He seemed to remember a lot of things. History of SMAP, and many personal memories.


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For The English practice  

I'll write dialy in English. For The English practice.
Hi everybody. I want to read & write beginner's basic English. This is its practice.
At Japan, Proverb. “Narau yori Narero” It’s mean that, “Use! more than learn!”
Ha Ha Ha lol

By the way, I'm seeing Baseball on TV. Japanese professional baseball. My cheering team is Yomiuri Giants. This team's other name is "Kyojin" in japan.
Now series, Kyojin is very strong. Now 6 win continuing.
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↑Murata. Third baseman.

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TBS ご意見・お問い合わせ

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